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Monday, 28 November 2011

Secure ur facebook from Hacker

Facebook is the top social networking site in the world now, where most of us has at least an account (about 30% has more than one account) associated with it. Facebook is a great way to have fun using their fan pages or groups etc.It also has games and much more stuff but the question is how to secure Facebook as the ratio of Facebook hacking is increasing day by day.
Facebook has provided us a lot of ways to secure accounts but usually people don't give attention to it. If you have never touched any part of Facebook security, here I am gonna post five quick tips to get your Facebook secured.

1. Create a strong password for authentication

Passwords can be easily broken by brute-force technique,in which user use some software etc to crack your password, if you choose to use a short and simple password. If you don’t have a strong and alphanumeric password for your account, then whatever security guides that you apply below is not going to do any better,so first of all make your password strong.For this add symbols like these !@#$%^&* in your password and also add numbers in it. Your password must be a combination of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters like symbols I have above mentioned.

2. Enable secure HTTPS connection

HTTP connection is totally outdated,its very easy to hack HTTP connection as it is extremely vulnerable to man in the middle attack. So to avoid this, Facebook offers the HTTPS connection which is a secured one and very difficult to hack.In HTTPS all the data you entered from your computer and sent to Facebook server is completely encrypted. Even if there is a man in the middle who taps your connection,he will get nothing.

3. Enable login notification with Mobile

If you enable the log in notification,it will send you message on your mobile whenever someone tries to log in from your account . So when you get this message that someone is using your Facebook account without your permission (means he hacked your account), you can immediately kick them out and call for a new password so that he can never login anymore. This feature is very good and you can enable notifications from both email and mobile SMS.
NOTE : I will recommend to use mobile notification ,so that you are warned immediately after the unknown access to your account.

4. One Time Password in login approval

One Time Password is a 2 factor authentication technique in which you enable all logins from unknown devices to use One Time Password.In this method whenever someone tries to log in to your account from unknown device a code comes to your mobile,without entering that code ,the hacker wont be able to access your account. In this way,you can easily ensure that only you can login from an unknown device.With the use of this method, there are only 2 ways for the hacker to use your Facebook identity. One is to get access to your recognized device which in most cases is your computer or smartphone. The other way is to get access to your mobile phone and then he will easily get the one time password.

5. Logging out from Facebook

Whenever most people are done with Facebook i.e checking and replying messages and notifications, they won't log out their Facebook account and just close the web browser and simply walk away from the computer,actually they assume that the session is logged out. This is a really big mistake as not all the web browsers works the same. Some still retain your previous session, in other words your cookies even though the web browser is closed. Always remember to log out after completing your tasks.

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