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Thursday, 15 December 2011

How to get into facebook at school

Most of people complain me that they cannot get into facebook at school,offices etc or the acess to blocked to this post i to show you how to get into facebook at school or offices and unblock facebook.In this article i will show you possible method to unblock facebook and get into facebook at school

get into facebook at school

How to get into facebook at school - Method

1. Go to Unblock facebook now Now site.

2. You will see something like this :

Unblock facebook

3. Now, simply enter in text field below “Website URL” and hit “Browse” to unblock Facebook site.

4. Thus, now your blocked Facebook is converted to unblocked Facebook and you can now get into facebook at school or office using this hack

Thats it. Just check out this Facebook proxy site server useful to unblock Facebook site. Thus, you can now bypass Facebook restrictions imposed by sytem admins and unblock Facebook site. This proxy site can not only unblock Facebook, but also unblock myspace, orkut and many other blocked sites. If you have any problem in using this Facebook proxy site to unblock Facebook,


  1. It works. Shitis boi!!!!!!!

  2. "unblock facebook now" is blocked at my school.UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!

  3. it dosnot work is there a nother option to try c i got into face book with facebook time line but all i can do on it is check messages and notifacations

  4. use proxy and enjoyyyyyyy



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