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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Find who Unfreinded you on Facebook

Lots of people are curious to find who unfreind them or removed them on Facebook, If this is the case with you too then we have the solution for your curosity, Unfriend Finder for Facebook is a Google chorme extension which will let you know who Unfreinded you on Facebook , The Extension is very simple to use, Below I am posting a step by step guide to install and use Unfreind Finder

1.First of all Install Unfriend Finder for Facebook Google Chrome extension

2.Once it is installed you will get an “Unfriends” option just below “Friends” option.

Follow these Steps to Uninstall previous versions of Unfriend Finder.
From the Tool menu, you need to reach the Extension pages (or navigate to chrome://extensions/)

1)Confirm installation

2)Despite the alert about data collection, confirm.
Chrome shows this alert for every userscripts. Unfriend Finder is only collecting data about your friendlist, only on

3)Installation review

4) That's it. You are done with the installation. And now you will recieve the notification whenever you are unfriended.

For Installation Help for Mozilla Firefox & others, visit here

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