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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Increase your Internet Speed Gurantedly 100% working

Today I am going to share that How to Increase Internet Speed to Great Extent with minimal changes in Port settings. You all have noticed that you never get the full speed that your internet connection supports. But now you will be able t get most out of it.. So Read On..
How to Increase Internet Speed to Maximum available speed??
Step1 : Right Click on my Computer
Step2 : Selects the Properties Tag

Step3 : Now a New Window opens, Select The Hardware and Then Select Device Manager.
Step4 : Now a  New Window will open . Click on the + sign in front of Ports and select theCommunication Ports and Double Click on It.

Step5:  A new window Will Open . Now Select the Port Settings and Chnage the Settings as shown in figure and Click on Ok.

Thats all the Procedure. Now restart your computer and Experience . You will experience that yourInternet speed is better than previous.


  1. Thank u..But,In Windows7 how to improve the internet speed?

  2. Follow these given below Steps
    1. Go to My Computer property
    2. Choose HARDWARE.
    3. then you will see down there will be the option of DEVICE MANAGER Click on it
    4. Your computer configuration will be adduce infront you there will be the modems section.
    5. then Go to Modems Properties having right click on it
    6. then go to Advanced option after that you will see a box name is Extra initialization
    commands u just have to put there one command is at*fx
    7. then click on ok and Enjoy High Speed of your internet
    to check the connection speed try and know the speed and if you still feel it to be slow then you can contact your provider to get high speed..



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