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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Transfer your all Facebook Friends To Google Plus

Recently Google launched his awaited brand new social networking site called Google+ . The Google plus v/s Facebook is the hot topic among the tech bloggers. Facebook already cross the one million users. Google want to capture the market share of social networking through google plus after orkut. Now the question is, If I am user of google plus, how can i connect with my friends which is available only in facebook? Can i transfer my facebook friends to Google plus? The answer is yes, you can transfer your all Facebook Friends To Google Plus.To export all your friends to facebook try Facebook Friend Exporter Chrome extension in google chrome.Follow below instruction to transfer your friends to google plus.
Make sure you are logged into, you must be logged in for it to work.
  • Must have English version of Facebook for this to work (you can switch)
  • Do not enable SSL for Facebook use HTTP not HTTPS
  • If you need any help running this, contact me. Commenting below will be lost.
  • An “Export” button will appear on Facebooks toolbar after refresh once installed.
  • Please disable all Facebook Extensions that you have downloaded, many of them affect the page. For example “Better Facebook” breaks this extension.
This extension will allow you to get your friends information that they shared to you:
- Name
- Emails
- Phone numbers
- Screen names
- Websites
- Address
- Birthdays
Two methods of exports
  • CSV file (if you have many friends, greater than 500, it will be very slow)
  • Gmail Contacts (It will place them into a folder called “Imported from Facebook“)
  • Your contacts will be cached, so don’t worry, you will continue where you left off.
  • This extension states “Browsing History” permission, this is needed to transfer data from Facebook Tab to the extension. Your history absolutely doesn’t get exported, it uses OAuth for authentication, so only the user logged in OAuth can get that data.


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