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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How To Break Password Behind The Stars

Ever wanted to know what is behind those ******** passwords. For example if you want to know password from facebook account that somebody else have typed and left it. Here is post which will help you. .
1)How to break hidden passwords ******** in firefox
This is simple. Just copy and paste the following javascript code when in your address bar whenever you are on a site with a login form and it will display the password behind ****** right away.
Javascript Code :

break password


2)How to break hidden passwords ******** in Internet Explorer
Download Asterisk Key and run it. When you are on a site with a login form click Show Internet Explorer Passwords

2)How to break hidden passwords ******** in some applications
To do it, you should use free password reader utility called SC-PassUnleash. But, it only works on certain FTP clients and email clients.
Download: SC-PassUnleash

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