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Monday, 5 December 2011

Facebook Tricks

So Facebook has a new trick up their sleeve which is annoying the heck out of many many people. In fact, I myself tried to send a request to someone who lives less that 15 minutes away and it wouldn't let me. So if you've gotten the Facebook "Do you know this person?", "Friend Request Can't Be Sent" message while trying to send a Facebook friend request, here's the GeekDrop trick on how to outslick Facebook and send that request anyway. It's actually very simple.

Here's what you'll be needing:

* Firefox (FF)
* The FF extension named "Tamper Data". (Install it, and then restart FF).

Once the Tamper Data extension is installed, you'll find it's menu item under the "Tools" menu in FF. Click it when mentioned below to open it's window.

So let's start, simply follow the steps in the screenshots below ...
Facebook friend request hack blocked
Here's the screen you'll see when Facebook blocks you from trying to add a friend. The title of the dialog box says "This Request Can't Be sent", and "Do you know this user personally?". We want to go around this ...
Facebook trick to bypass a blocked friend request
Facebook has gotten a little smart and when you click the "Add as friend" button on the target's profile, you may see the top screen again.

* You'll need to get to the "Send request" screen as shown above. The trick here is to just keep clicking the "Add Friend" button, and closing the "Do you know this user personally" dialog box over and over until the "Send Request" screen shown above finally pops up. It may be the second time, it may be the 50th time, but it'll eventually pop up.
* When it does, go to the "Tools" menu in Firefox and click the "Tamper Data" menu item near or at the bottom of the list.
* Then as shown in the screen below, click the "Start Tamper" menu item.
* And then finally, click the "Send Request" button in the screenshot above.

Facebook Tamper Data Edit Screen
Facebook Friend Request screen Add
Facebook tamper request screen click tamper
Once you've clicked the Send Request button with Tamper Data started, the above screen will show, make sure that the URL shown looks like the above one, so you're "adjusting" the correct data. Then Click the "Tamper" button.
Facebook Tamper Popup Submit

You'll come to the above screen next. Follow the instructions as shown and click the OK button. If or when any other "Tamper with request" screens popup while you're in the middle of editing the above data, just click the "Abort request" button on it to get it out of your way.

Facebook Javascript Content Length Tamper Friend Request Hack Trick
Once you click the OK button on the edit screen you'll see the above popup dialog, just click the OK button. This needs to be done to keep all data proper before it's sent.
Facebook Add as friend do you know this person blocked request successfully added
Once you OK the Content Length dialog, you should see the above screen, as if you were never blocked from sending the facebook friend request. If you get the original "this request can't be sent" screen again, just do all of the steps over again. You may have to do it a few times until it works. Eventually it will.

And that's all there is to it! We have many other awesome loopholes and tricks up our sleeves here on GeekDrop, and all of the best stuff is in our private Premie area, consider subscribing for access to the full GeekDrop works, it's very very cheap! And be sure to click the Facebook Like and Retweet buttons at the top of this post so all of your friends know where to get the good stuff! Smile

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