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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Watch full length High Quality Bollywood movie on Youtube for free

A good news for all the movie buffs out there ,Now forget looking for pirated bad prints all over the internet because YouTube – the most popular video streaming site has launched a movie channel called YouTube Box office which will allow you to watch full length Bollywood movie online every month for free.Google has officially announced the launch of this channel few days back on Twitter and the first movie that is currently running is Band Baaja Baarat sponsored by Intel.

Through this channel Indian viewers can watch full length Bollywood movies in HD(1080px) from anywhere for free.Every month a new movie will be uploaded and will be available online thereafter.Youtube is already having a channel for Indian movie fans which contains over 1500 titles from different regional language films like Telugu,Marati,Bangla and many more.But this Youtube Box Office could be a revolution because movies shown here will be on revenue share basis with producers and contain advertisements after every 10 minutes.So if they are showing advertisements just like TV then surely we can expect some good and latest movies on this channel in near future.

Another interesting thing about this channel is that , you can even download the High Quality print of Movies,just use your favorite Youtube Download tool to grab this high quality movie and watch it offline.



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