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Friday, 9 December 2011

Turn Off- Ur Lan Computer..By Using Main PC

Turn Off- Ur Lan Computer..By Using Main PC

Guys here is a amazing trick which you can use in your school, college office or at any place where you are a part of any LAN to shutdown all computers. Just follow some steps and you are done with this cool trick.

1. First of all you need admin access to a computer connected on any LAN.
2. Now open commant prompt. (start/run/cmd)
3. Now type “shutdown –i” (without quotes).
4. A dilogue box will open.
5. You can add the computer/computers you want to make target.
6. Now you have to choose the action(shutdown/restart/log out).
7. Set a time limit.
8. Click ok and other work will be done automatically.

Enjoy … !!


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